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Vince Papale with Mark Wahlberg In 1976, Vince Papale’s life changed. Philadelphia Eagles’ first year head coach Dick Vermeil invited some locals to an open tryout for the team. Some thought it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. At the time, Vince was a school teacher and part-time bartender, as well as an Eagles season ticketholder, and was encouraged by some family and friends to try out.

Vince, who did not play college football but was a track star, ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, a worldclass time! Coach Vermeil offered Vince a contract on the spot, but this 30-year-old walk-on still had to make the team. Vince overcame tremendous odds to become the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL. He eventually became a team captain, played in the NFL for four years, and was named the best special teams player in the 75-year history of the Philadelphia Eagles in a www.PhiladelphiaEagles.com vote.

In 2006, Vince’s life changed again. His football story was the inspiration for the Disney movie “INVINCIBLE.” That movie has once again encouraged Vince to reinvent himself into one of the country’s top motivational speakers. Following his playing days, Vince worked as a broadcaster for eight years before embarking on a career as a marketing executive and special projects coordinator.

Vince and Terry BenderVince’s inspirational journey from humble working class beginnings and troubled home life, to successful professional athlete and businessman, to cancer survivor is a story that audiences of all demographics will relate to and be inspired by.

“The best way to describe last night was . . . Perfect! Vince was a big hit with our guests, and the energy and enthusiasm made it our best one ever” - David E. Farber, The RVH Group

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