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Sav Rocca

From Aussie star to NFL star

Sav RoccaAustralian Football League legend, Sav Rocca, Yes, Saverio Rocca was that good when he played Australian Rules football in his native country. He couldn't shop for groceries in Melbourne without being recognized by the fans who admired his work with the Collingwood Magpies and North Melbourne Kangaroos, 

"Punters don't get recognized a whole lot here anyway, so I'm happy to keep a low profile and stay out of everyone's way." Rocca said he started thinking about playing in the NFL early during his football career in Australia, where the game is played in an entirely different way. "The balls are almost the same, except the ball over here has the pointier ends," Rocca said. "Ours are a little bit fatter, so this ball has a smaller sweet spot. You really have to make sure you pinpoint where you're hitting it." With the Magpies and Kangaroos,

Rocca had a knack for pinpointing where he was hitting the ball. His 748 goals in 257 games rank 12th all-time in Australian Football League history. He admitted, however, that he wasn't completely satisfied with his AFL career, which included some controversy when he was released - they call it delisted in Australia - by Collingwood after the 2000 season.

Sav Rocca AutographThis time, it's much more serious. Rocca has brought his wife, Rose, and two sons, Matthew, who will soon turn 5, and Lucas, 11/2, with him. family. Sav has signed exclusive with Terry Bender Promotions and has been a fan favorite. Every function he has been at clients has rated him A+.

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