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Merrill Reese

Merrill Alan Reese

Merrill Alan Reese (born September 2, 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a Philadelphia sports radio announcer best known for his role as the play-by-play radio announcer for the Philadelphia Eagleson 94.1 WYSP-FM .

Reese has been the voice of the Eagles since 1977 . Reese's current broadcast partner is former Eagles wide receiver Mike Quick, who joined Reese in the booth in 1998. Aside from Swift and Adderly, Reese has previously been joined in the booth by Jim Barniak (1978-82), Bill Bergey (1982-83, also filled in when Quick had knee surgery during the 2004 preseason), and StanWalters (1984-97). Reese is well respected by the Eagles' passionate fans, many of whom mute the sound during televised games and tune to Reese's radio commentary instead while watching the game. Reese's play-by-play coverage of the Eagles is routinely featured nationally in sports radio and television coverage of the Eagles, and Reese is a widely respected expert on the NFL and especiall onthe Eagles.

In addition to his play-by-play radio coverage of the Eagles, Reese hosts an interview show on WYSP the day following Eagles games with current Eagles coach Andy Reid, Eagles players and other guests.

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