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Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis #80 | WR
Height: 6-0
Weight: 186
Born: 7/17/1978
Experience: 6th season
High School: Bingham HS [South Jordan, UT]

Terry Bender and Kevin CurtisKevin Curtis doesn't hear you. He doesn't check out the Discussion Boards on this web site. He doesn't listen to talk radio. He doesn't read newspapers or watch television and he doesn't know that Eagles fans are wide receiver-obsessed. On game days, yeah, Curtis knows there are 68,000 fans at Lincoln Financial Field and he is aware of the noise, but he isn't listening. "What are they saying?" Curtis asked, What they're saying, Kevin, is that they want more, more, more. They want it all -- touchdowns, big plays, fireworks, baby. They are watching your every move, scrutinizing every play you make -- and don't make -- and sharing their opinions with anyone who will listen. "I respect that," said Curtis. "This is a football city and the people love the Eagles. They want more and, believe me, I want more, too." My goal is to get better every week Curtis, for the most part, is thriving in his new role. He is a full-time starter for the first time in his NFL career and he is a go-to receiver in a spread-it-around offense. "You have to do a lot of other things," said Curtis. "Blocking is very important in this offense. It is a physical game.

Eagles Signed HelmitThe Eagles signed Curtis in free agency, making a successful pitch that lured Curtis here. He had plenty of opportunities to sign with other teams -- as many as 12 teams showed serious interest -- but a chance to start in an offense that throws the football and with a team that wins a lot of games year after year formed the perfect recruiting platform. Curtis wanted all of the above, and things worked financially and here he is. Curtis is a quiet man who blends in well in a dynamic locker room.. Truly, Curtis' life has been mostly football and sleep, sleep and football and a touch of sightseeing mixed in. He was born in Murray, UT, raised in Utah and he went to college in Utah. Curtis then played for four seasons in St. Louis. Now he is in the big city and he notices the changes. .

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "Playing at Philly, I know the fans are going to be into it. It's cool. I'm ready to go." Working with Kevin Has been this past year has been a great experience. He is a 1st class Gentleman and knows how to treat the fans. He definitely is a fan Favorite and has won Philadelphia over with his unbelievable throw back day!

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