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Terry and Buddy RyanBuddy Ryan immediately became a Philadelphia fan-favorite when he boldly pronounced "We plan on winning the Eastern Division "Ultimately Ryan proved that his talent selection was not without merit as he groomed playmakers like Andre Waters and Randall Cunningham and drafted Pro Bowlers Seth Joyner, Clyde Simmons , Jerome Brown, Eric Allen, Chris Carter, Fred Barnett , and Keith Jackson.. His division crown prediction did not come to fruition in his initial Eagle's season but quick rebuilding achieved title glory in 1988 winning 11 games and continuing to win at least 10 games a season until his departure.

Ryan's tenure in Philadelphia was not without its fair share of Buddycontroversies. On October 25, 1987he came under fire after calling a time-out on the last play of a game against the Dallas Cowboys to score another touchdown when the game's outcome was no longer in doubt. This was apparently Ryan's revenge against Dallas head coach Tom Landrey, who Ryan felt had run up the score against the Eagles' replacement players during the 1987 players' strike, using many of the Cowboys players that had crossed the picket line. On November 22, 1989 Ryan found himself at the center of yet another scandal, when Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson alleged that Ryan had taken out a "bounty" on two Cowboys players - then-current Dallas (and former Philadelphia) place kicker Luis Zendejas and quarterback Troy Aikman- in a game dubbed "Bounty Bowl" played on Thanksgiving Day. It was with the Eagles where Buddy Ryan would snub the midfield post game greet with the opposing coach in losses. Buddy would head, sometimes jogging, towards the locker room with a minute or less remaining to avoid this tradition. Accomplishment Ryan never lost to the DALLAS COWBOYS.

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